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Upcoming shows

☛ 6.3.2019 RADIO EVENT by Gerardo Madera and Moriz Oberberger

Past shows

☛ 14.2.2019 PHANTOM RADIO LOVE SONG DEDICATIONS by Maria Smit, Frédérique Gagnon and Michelle Lin

(live VJ by Gerardo Madera)

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☛ 18.1.2019 ETERNAL LOVE TRIANGLE with Sandberg Institute

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☛ 15.11.2018 PHANTOM RADIO OPENING SEASON with: Paul Elliman, Darío Dezfuli,

Sangah Shin, Sarah Cleeremans, Gerardo Madera, Tabea Nixdorff, Loes Claessens, Miron Galić,

Rebecca Metzger, Jannete Mark and Susan van Veen.

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